Vinyl | Solace (2004)

Xavier Rudd

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Xavier Rudd - Solace (2004)

Solace is the second studio album by Xavier Rudd. The album was recorded entirely on his own featuring his guitar, several didgeridoos, a wooden box, an array of slide and acoustic guitars and percussion instruments. It was recorded in Vancouver. His personal friend and producer, Todd Simko, helped him through the recording.

Vinyl tracklisting:

Side A
1. Shelter
2. 3 Degrees
3. Let Me Be
4. Solace
5. G.B.A
6. In Transit
7. Chances

Side B
8. Journey Song
9. A Fourth World
10. Yirra Curl
11. No Woman No Cry
12. Partnership
13. Silence
14. Green Spandex


Label: Salt X Records, Distributed By: Universal Music