Vinyl | Drag it Down on You (2016)


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Ceres - Drag it Down on You (2016) 

"Drag It Down On You, in its 14 track entirety, shows a band exploring melody and a maturing sense of songwriting, coming into their own brilliantly. This is music to listen to when you might be feeling a bit down, but you want to rage against it all. This is also music to listen to if you want to get amped up by impassioned lyricism. I could write about how much I love this album, but I’m not going to – in short, Drag It Down On You is one of the best Australian albums of this year. Hands down." - The AU Review 

Vinyl Tracklisting

Side A
1. Okay
2. Happy In Your Head
3. Roll Ur Eyes
4. '91, Your House
5. Laundry Echo
6. Spinning Wheel
7. Loner Blood

Side B
8. Choke
9. Talking
10. Us
11. Nothing on Your Shoulders
12. Load
13. Del-Del
14. Baby's Breath

Label: Cooking Vinyl, Distributed By: Universal Music