Vinyl | Novo's (2013) 12"

The Gooch Palms

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Debut album from The Gooch Palms on vinyl! Originally released by Anti Fade Records (2013). Includes a digital download code of the full album.

"The Gooch Palms craft perfect garage... there is no fault, no f**k up, no shoddy workmanship. Why? Because The Goochies pride themselves on their faults, their f**k-ups and shoddy workmanship. They put it out all on display: their smacked-out guitar riffs, the contemporary-bogan-meets-1970’s punk vocals, the drumming that has the consistency of a Newcastle steel factory circa-the glory days… it’s all there. Everything you could want in a record. NIHILISM! FUN! GARGANTUAN CATCHINESS! It’s all f**king there." - Soundly Sounds

LP Tracklisting:


1. We Get By
2. False Identity
3. Hunter Street Mall
4. Loudest Mouth
5. You


6. The Slide
7. A Sun, A Moon
8. Hungry
9. Novo's
10. Don't Cry

Label: Summer Camp Records, Distributed By: Independent